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City: Glen Ellyn
Address: 586 Duane Street, Suite #301, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.
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cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
Crowns/ Veneers & Gum re-cont
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
Veneers & Whitening
cosmetic dentistry
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Upper Crowns & Veneers
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
Gum re-contouring, Crowns, Whi
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
Crowns & Gum re-contouring
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
6 upper Veneers
cosmetic dentistry
cosmetic dentist
Training / Credentials
The Practice
Our purpose is to provide our patients the highest quality, comprehensive and preventative dental care in a very safe, comfortable and pleasant environment, with a caring, dedicated and supportive team.
Only through excellence in dentistry, trusting relationships and caring attitudes can we make a positive contribution to the total health, happiness and self-esteem of ourselves and of those around us.
Robert M. Jourdan, D.D.S.
Dr. Jourdan is the founder of our practice and has over 35 years of experience.  In those years he has come to truly understand the science and physics of our profession.  He has constantly reinvested time, money and energy back into the practice, a philosophy that has been instrumental in keeping our office current  and innovative over the years.  His approach towards dentistry stresses attention towards thoughtful, comprehensive diagnosis of all factors that contribute to overall dental and oral health, and his unmitigated craftsmanship allows him to use this information, combined with his experience, to achieve success.
Dr. Jourdan is  husband to his wife, Louanne.  Together they have three children and five grandchildren.  Dr. Jourdan is an innovator, he enjoys aviation, hunting, fishing and the outdoors.
Dr. Jourdan is a graduate of University of Illinois School of Dentistry.  He has spent time as an instructor of advanced prosthodontics, and he has completed numerous comprehensive courses in orthodontics, etc.  He is a member of the ADA, CDS, ISDS and the AAFO.
Patrick A. Pecora, D.D.S.
Dr. Pecora has practiced dentistry with Dr. Jourdan for over 25 years in Glen Ellyn.  He has been an indispensable addition to the practice over these years, and has played a prominent role in the growth of the practice.  He is a highly accomplished dentist, adept at achieving outstanding cosmetic and functional results.  His outgoing and friendly nature puts people at ease and allows people to have a relaxing time while receiving the care that they need.
Dr. Pecora has a wife, Kate, and together they have four children.  Dr. Pecora has been very active in his community and church.  He enjoys sports, coaching his kids various teams, traveling, video poker and Las Vegas.
Dr. Pecora has a MS in Micro-biology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is a graduate of University of Illinois of Chicago School of Dentistry.  He is a member of the ADA, CDS and the ISDS.
Jennifer Jourdan Langner, D.D.S.
Dr. Langner has been with the practice for the last nine years.  Her focused nature, along with her devout and honest concern for her patients' best interests has facilitated her incorporation and partnership with the practice.  She is deliberate in her work and dedicated to her patients, as well as being an excellent practitioner.  The comprehensive dentistry she employs allows her to help people physically and her good natured personality encourages sincere, long-term relationships.
Dr. Langner has a husband, Tom, with whom she has two sons.  She enjoys music, movies and spending time with her family.
Dr. Langner is a graduate of University of Illinois Dental School and is a member of the ADA, CDS and the ISDS.
 David W. Zaremba, D.D.S.
Dr. Zaremba has been practicing dentistry with the practice since his graduation from dental school in 2000. His own convictions towards the practice of dentistry and ours were a match from the start.  It was this type of environment in which he always intended to practice.  He is caring and treats peoples' dental care needs as he would treat a member of his own family's needs.  He enjoys the craftsmanship involved in dental work and his meticulous attention for detail is a perfect match with the skills needed for quality dentistry.
Dr. Zaremba was raised in St. Charles, Illinois.  He is married to his lovely wife Kelli, and they currently reside in Wheaton, Illinois.  Dr. Zaremba enjoys music, specifically guitar, sports, fishing, boating, travel and home improvement.
Dr. Zaremba earned his BS in biology from UIUC where he minored in chemistry.  He earned his D.D.S. from UIC Dental School and is currently a member of ADA, CDS and ISDS.
 John Vravick
Dr. John Vravick attended the University of Illinois, Chicago where he double-majored in chemistry and biology.  He attended Loyola University School of Dentistry where he earned his D.D.S. Degree in 1987.  He was elected to membership in the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Society and Alpha Sigma NU-National Jesuit Honors Society.  He received the Endodontics Departmental award and was chosen as an exchange student to Wales, England School of Dentists.  His specialty training was at Northwestern University School of Dentistry where he earned his Certificate in Periodontics and M.S. Degree in 1989.  Next, he went on to Private Practice along with teaching as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Periodontics at Northwestern University.
He is a member of the following professional organizations:  American Academy of Periodontology, Midwest Society of Periodontists, Illinois Society of Periodontist, and The Northern Illinois Dental Specialist Study Club.
Dr. Vravick and his wife, Jenni, have their three boys Drew, Joshua, and Jason.  He is active coaching football, basketball, soccer and baseball.  His family enjoys spending time together and all types of sporting activities.
 John Micaletti
Dr. Micaletti has received his Certificate and Masters Degree of Science in Periodontology at Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago. 
He is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry and a member of  the American Academy of Implant  Dentistry and Simplant  Dentistry.    He has completed numerous hours of continuing education specializing in periodontal plastic surgery, pre-prosthodontic surgery and dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Porcelain Crowns: Not all dental crowns (caps) are created equal.  Have you ever noticed a black line at the gum area of a front tooth?  The line is from an underlying metal substructure on which porcelain is baked.  Most of these crowns use a non-precious metal foundation.  The newest state of the art crowns are fabricated entirely of ceramic with no chance of any darkening, creating an extremely lifelike, natural appearance.


Veneers: Are you looking for that Hollywood Smile??  Porcelain veneers can take you there!  Patients who are not satisfied with the shape, color or position of their teeth, may be candidates for a smile makeover using porcelain veneers.  Teeth are usually minimally prepared for our dental laboratory artists,  as they hand craft each restoration.  Porcelain veneers are then permanently bonded to the teeth, creating that Perfect Smile!


Whitening: Every patient deserves to have a white, bright smile.  By taking accurate impressions of the teeth, customized whitening trays are created.  Our brightening gel is then placed in the trays.  They are inserted on the upper and lower teeth, and worn for a period of at least 2 hours.  Usually within 2-3 weeks, a dramatic 3-5 shade difference is realized.  As long as the patient maintains and keeps his trays---a bright, white smile is always attainable.


Dental Implants

Our Periodontists have completed extensive training in the placement of dental implants.  An implant is a man-made tooth root placed in an edentulous area of the jaw to be used as an anchor to hold crowns of stabilized removable dentures.


The best way to describe an implant is to compare it to a real tooth.  A natural tooth consists of a root and a crown.  The part of the tooth that you see and eat with is called the crown.  Beneath the crown is the root, which anchors the tooth through the gum tissue to the jawbone.


When you lose a tooth, you lose both the root and the crown.  To replace the tooth, we first have to replace the root.  This titanium root is fitted into a socket that we create in your jaw, replacing the lost root of your natural tooth. 


Invisalign Orthodontics

Would you like to have straighter teeth without the need for wires and metal brackets?  Invisalign allows us to gradually move your teeth by wearing a series of nearly invisible plastic aligners.  Invisalign can be effective in treating both teens and adults.  All of our dentists are certified in this exciting, new technology -- Invisalign.


Childrenís Dentistry

Children can have great smiles too!  At Always Great Smiles, we strive to be "kid friendly," with a portion of our reception room specifically designated for children's play and education.  Early intervention with regards to sealants, fluoride treatments, and using orthopedic orthodontic appliances to help correct beginning malocclusions is an important facet of our pediatric dental philosophy. Here at Always Great Smiles, we provide educational dental videos specifically designed for children.  These videos feature, Kirby, the brushing monkey, to make dentistry fun and easy to understand!


Night Guards (TMJ Splints): Have you ever awakened in the morning with a headache or neck ache? Have you found that your chewing muscles are sore or tender during the day or at night? Do you find that you have a limitation of mouth opening? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing a temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ Dysfunction).  The TMJ, located just in front of the ear, is the joint where the upper and lower jaws articulate.  If a person's occlusion (bite) is not stable, he or she may start a bruxing (grinding) habit during sleep causing muscle spasms and pain.  A hard acrylic night guard/TMJ splint may help alleviate these symptoms.  The patient wears this splint at night or during times of stress.


Our Smile Technology


Our smile technology gives our patients the confidence of a beautiful smile without the apprehension usually associated with a visit to the dentist. 


Every treatment room is computerized with the capabilities of taking and viewing digital radiographs; our intra-oral cameras help diagnose and document dental abnormalities while education and informing our patients (our show and tell philosophy).  Patients are further educated about dental procedures via our Clinically Advanced Education System (CAESY).  Any treatment modality can be shown to the patient, educating them in the procedure, protocol, limitations and prognosis.


CEREC Computer Restoration Technology: Our CEREC CAD-CAM instrument has revolutionized the way our practice is able to deliver dental treatment to our patients.  This high tech equipment allows us to restore damaged teeth in a single visit, resulting in a beautiful, naturally colored, extremely strong restoration.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation:  On the rare occasion that a patient may feel some apprehension regarding dental treatment, our office offers nitrous oxide conscious sedation.  As the patient inhales this extremely safe nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture, their pain threshold is elevated and the slight state of euphoria that they experiences allows us to complete the necessary dental work as efficiently as possible, with a minimum amount of stress for the patient.


Air Abrasion No-Drill Dentistry: With our state of the art micro-abrasion technology, cavities can often be treated painlessly and without the use of a drill or anesthetic.


Scanx Digital Imaging: With our Panorex/Cephalametric radiograph equipment, we are able to diagnose and treat skeletal growth changes, abnormalities, and visually undetectable tooth and bone problems in both the upper and lower jaws.


Odyssey Diode Soft Tissue Laser: Striving to increase the level of patient care in our practice, we have added to our technology the Odyssey Diode Laser.  Ideal for soft tissue modification and preventative dental care, the diode laser helps us create that Always Great Smile!


Tulsa Endodontic Root Canal System: Our ProSystem GY endodontic (root canal) system offers integrated components designed to make root canal therapy procedures simpler, easier and more efficient.  Due to the predictability of this state of the art technique, almost any case can be completed in just one or two dental visits.


Infection Control: Our unique infection control laboratory puts the emphasis on sterility and cleanliness to protect our valued patients and staff. In order for complete infection control, our office uses Statim Steam Sterilization, and many of our materials are disposable to help in prevention of cross contamination.


Intra-Oral Camera: Our Intra-Oral Camera allows us to examine the patient's entire oral cavity; with the aid of our television monitors, the patient can "see what we see."  With this invaluable piece of technology, we are able to print out photographs for our patients to take home or to be used as documentation for insurance inquiries.


Languages: English

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